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Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan- Elegant Kingdom of Great Himalayas

Traditional Bhutanese monasteries and vibrant artworks are the specialties of Bhutan. This country is encircled by land on all sides. India, China, and Tibet on the 3 sides. Colorful culture, delicious food, and quaint places make Bhutan one of the most desired tourist destinations of the globe.

The history of Bhutan is quite impressive. Many scientists claim that stones, ancient tools, and weapons show that Bhutan was formed between 500 BC and 600 AD. During the 7th century, Buddism culture introduced in Bhutan. It is the land of many artistic structures and mind-blowing artworks.

Best Time to Visit

Bhutan experiences 3 kinds of weather throughout the year. It is the subtropical, temperate and polar-type climate. Since it is close to the Eastern Himalayas, the snowfall is quite often in Bhutan. The western part of Bhutan receives heavy rainfall. Apart from that, some parts of Bhutan have hot summers and cool winters while some of them have dry summer season and chilly winters.

If you really wish to witness the mesmerizing landscapes of Eastern Himalayas, pick autumn and winter season to visit Bhutan. The best period to visit this country is from October to December or January to February during cold winters.

Take a Glimpse

Why is Bhutan popular?

Apart from Buddhist monasteries and shrines, Bhutan has lots of treasures hidden for nature as well as adventure lovers. Savannah grass, dense forests, fertile soil, and freshwater springs make Bhutan an awesome picnic place.

The most popular activities in this country are nature walks, trekking, river rafting, and photography. Another activity not to be missed obviously in Bhutan is archery. There are various archery grounds where you can visit and learn some basics of archery. Besides that, this country has vast areas where pleasant and colorful flowers capture your eyes. It is a scene not to miss at any cost.

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Tricks and tips for an unforgettable trip of Bhutan

  • Bhutan is near to Eastern Himalayas which means you will face cold weather throughout the year. It is important to carry warm clothes like leather jackets, caps and gloves to safeguard your body from the cold climate.
  • Some parts of Bhutan have extreme hot climate. So, if you visit during the summer season, do not forget to carry loose clothes.
  • Trekking is must when you visit this place. So, if you want to enjoy hiking or trekking, do carry hiking boots. While selecting the hiking boots, keep in mind to buy lightweight boots for extra comfort and relaxation.
  • You must take a hat. It will protect you in summer as well as winter. Traveling in nature spots at night is a real picnic experience with friends. So, you must take a high-quality headlamp if you want to enjoy night time adventures. Headlamps will help you while going for hunting, nature walks and camping.
  • Electricity failure and power cuts are major problems in nature spots. It is important to carry a USB charger to charge your professional cameras, smartphones, and tablets. Hiking and trekking will definitely cause minor injuries. So, you must take a small first aid box as there are no hospitals or clinics in small villages of Bhutan.
  • It is necessary to choose the tour guides after making proper inquiries within the city.

Places to visit in Bhutan?

Buddha Dordenma - This place gives you endless serene feeling to your mind. Situated in Thimpu, Buddha Dordenma is the statue of Lord Buddha with a height of 51 meters. It has many tents and camps for hikers.

Tashicho-Dzong - You will find some of the greatest scholars of Buddhism religion in Bhutan which are monks. Taschicho-Dzong is the place with a natural elegance and steep mountains. It also has a museum and paper factory in its surroundings.

Dechen Phrodrang Monastery - Now a monastic school, Dechen Phrodang Monastery was once a Dong in Bhutan. It is quite a silent place with pure environment.

This is another entertaining place for picnic lovers. There is a good restaurant where you can taste authentic Bhutanese cuisines and the local drink Arag. Besides that, you can enjoy archery and spending some hours in the phallic garden and then some shopping.


Bhutan is covered with dense forests, mountains, trees, and colorful flowers. The monasteries, Buddhist shrines, and Dzongs are the reasons why people love to visit Bhutan throughout the year. If you take care of certain tips, you will thoroughly enjoy Bhutan trip. Do not stop yourself from exploring the enchanting and superb nature of Bhutan. Plan your Bhutan trip today!

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