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Offbeat places in Darjeeling

Offbeat places in Darjeeling

India has many hidden treasures in different parts. Darjeeling is a place full of surprises at each spot. It is gifted with scenic beauty, snowcapped mountains, dense forests, and deep valleys. The major attraction of Darjeeling is tea gardens. These gardens are spread to vast areas and many tourists visit Darjeeling to view tea gardens.

You might know about few places in Darjeeling. But it also has many unique spots that you must watch once in your lifetime. These spots are not very popular but have endless beauty that can’t be missed by anyone. Let us have a look at some of the offbeat destinations of Darjeeling.

Ahaldara: Ahaldara is a stunning place in Darjeeling with mesmerizing views. It is a nice spot to watch the snow-covered Kanchenjunga Mountains. This place offers a full view of the Kanchenjunga peaks. The best time to visit Ahaldara is the summer season as one can get clear views of peaks. Moreover, this spot gives beautiful views of the sunrise.


Bagora: - Bagora is a small village in the Darjeeling region. It is the place where nature comes alive. It has greenery on all sides and feels your mind with calmness and happiness. To view the stunning peaks of Kanchenjunga, tourists from different parts of India visit this place. If you want to see clear views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, you must visit during summertime.

Latpanchar - The next place on the list is Latpanchar. It is one of the best places for bird watchers. This place is situated at a high altitude from sea level. You can also witness the boundless beauty of Latpanchar. It refreshes your mind and soul with amazing nature. Besides, you can also watch numerous bird species such as Sunbirds, Rufous-necked hornbill, wabbler, Thrush, and so on.


Takdah - Takdah is an ideal place for tourists. It has endless trails of tea gardens and scenic spots. You can also enjoy viewing the breathtaking water streams of Takdah. The dense forest stretches to acres of this land. Apart from that, you can take a long walk with your wife or girlfriend on the roads of this village. It is easy to reach this place from Darjeeling via buses and private cars.


Mungpoo - Mungpoo is a small town in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It has historical significance as great Poet Rabindranath Tagore used to visit this place before Indian Independence. You can also find many writings, photographs, and paintings in the museum of Rabindra Bhavan.


Latkothi- Latkothi is the bungalow of the Forest Department. In the ancient period, this place was a British residence. You can find the huge area covered with the Cinchona plantation in Latkothi. It has amazing nature that attracts tourists. You can find many Cinchona plantations of British rule in Latkothi.


Darjeeling is a nice place for family trips and picnics. It has beautiful nature, tea gardens, scenic places, elegant bungalows, and lakes. These offbeat destinations of Darjeeling are worth watching for every tourist.

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